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Danny Shikh

Danny Shikh


K&S Advanced Systems Ltd.


•B. Sc. E. E
. In Electronics Engineering from Tel- Aviv University


    •COO at Larch Networks
    •Hardware (Electronics) Group Manager in Stanley Healthcare Medical division
    •V.P R&D at ITS Telecom


致勝關鍵: 高科技廠房的微震動控制與監控


•Semiconductors production lines including Thousands different tools and instruments. Most tools having strict vibrations level prerequisites, coming from Machine Manufacturers
• How the FABs currently dealing with unwanted vibrations?
•Challenges in moving to 7,5,3nm Junction Node Technology
• The machines Level become more precision
• The requirements from the FAB facilities growing up as well,
especially in Vibrations control
• Vibration Control perspectives in moving to new technology in Semiconductors production facilities
•Technical Comparison between Passive (Concrete Pedestals), Pneumatic (Air - based) Vibration Isolation, Active Vibration Control.
•Smart FAB – reduce machine down time, improve preventing maintenance – How these related to vibrations problems and What is the new approach, using IOT – Industry 4.0 Approach
•Active Vibration Control in FABs for precision processes – Worldwide trends

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