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蕭敬霖 (Lester Hsiao)

蕭敬霖 (Lester Hsiao)


創控科技股份有限公司 事業發展處




    •創控科技 行銷業務處 處長
    •創控科技 系統應用處 處長




Over the years with the advancement of semiconductor industry, AMC management has become one of the critical elements in the establishment of high-tech facility.
The coverage of AMC monitoring has been expanded from cleanroom environment to micro-enclosures (e.g. FOUP/Processing Equipment/Chemical Filters).
The integration of AI technology is expected to bring advantages to facility operation -> AMC monitoring on AGV platform.
On top of that, the management of external contamination is as significant. The realization of onsite monitoring with real time data at facility fence - line and community area has come under the spotlight to address the importance of corporate ESG.

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