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吳益銘(Brady Wu) ​經理, 達思



Digital Twin Local scrubber wants to communicate to his owner


  • The topic of Industry 4.0 does not pass the local scrubber sector. Here, many

          potentials and possibilities arise to develop the existing local scrubber from a
          system that runs quite independently with the help of simple signals to a system
          that reports and learns independently. Important factors are the pillars of Industry
          4.0, predictive maintenance, algorithms and portal solutions for external

  • As an overall construct, we map the plant as a digital twin. This will predict

          maintenance by using algorithms and the developers' know-how contained inside.
          Through new sensors and actuators, more data is collected in order to enable
          realistic predictions to be given. Furthermore, more complex interfaces (digital
          interfaces) can create possibilities to react more directly to the tool. In addition, it is
          possible to react to dynamically changing processes. This improves stability and
          quality as well as saving power, water, gases consumption.

  • In future, local scrubber will communicate much more intelligently. Focus will also

          be on availability, optimization and adaptation to new circumstances.

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