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許金榮 (Chin-Yung Shu)

Vice Chairman​

Hermes-Epitek Corp.


  • MS in Electro-Optical Engineering, National Chiao Tung University



  • Chairman, ITRI Alumni (2016 - present)

       工研院院友會 理事長 

  • President & C.O.O., Hermes-Epitek Corp. (2001 - 2018)


  • Chairman, Hermes Microvision, Inc.  (2010 - 2016)

​       漢民微測科技股份有限公司董事長

  • President, Hermes Microvision, Inc. (2004 - 2010 )


  • General Manager, UMC


  • Vice President, TSMC


  • VLSI Lab Project Leader, ERSO/ITRI


Mr. CY Shu has devoted himself to Semiconductor realm for more than 30 years, participated in the development of IC industry in Taiwan, which is originated in transferring technology from RCA Company, USA.   In his long career path, Mr. CY Shu contributed to the IC industry through executive management position at ITRI, TSMC and UMC.  He joined Hermes-Epitek in 2001, and since then has served as president & COO.   From 2004 till 2016, he also worked for HMI as President first and then chairman, establishing a Taiwan based manufacturing plant for e-Beam inspection tool and facilitating e-Beam inspection technology to become a must-have tool for advanced IC manufacturing wafer fab worldwide.
Mr. Shu has received BS from 1973 NCTU EE and a master’s degree in Optoelectronics from NCTU in 1985. He received an Outstanding Alumnus Award from NCTU in 1999, and elected Fellow of Chinese Society for Management of Technology (CSMOT) in 2008; and in 2014, Mr. Shu received the ERSO Award in 2014, which is sponsored by the Pan Wen Yuan Foundation.  Moreover, Mr. Shu has served as the chairman of IC Committee and High-Tech facility committee in SEMI, and also the director-general in Chinese Professional Management Association Hsinchu (CPMAH ) for two terms. Mr. Shu dedicated himself to not only Semiconductor realm, but also contributed to the public affairs and community services.


許金榮於1973年取得國立交通大學電子工程學系學士學位,1985年取得國立交通大學光電工程碩士文憑,1999年獲頒國立交通大學傑出校友,2008年成為中華民國科技管理學會院士,2014獲得潘文淵基金會ERSO Award。此外,他亦擔任國際半導體產業協會(SEMI) IC委員會與高科技廠房設施委員會主席,以及兩任新竹市企業經理協進會理事長。許金榮不僅投身半導體業界,亦致力公共事務與公益活動。

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