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林孟洲 (Joe Lin)  Region Lead, Microsoft



Technology Trending on Digital Transformation for Facility


  • Digital transformation is changing the entire manufacturing and semiconductor industry. Competitive edge is no longer based on product offerings alone. Now, manufacturing is about the best and most profitable business models and enhancing the customer experience.

  • However, the trends wouldn’t be relevant if we didn’t analyze how the COVID-19 outbreak directly impacted the manufacturing and semiconductor industry. Through conversations with customers, our Field, analysts and our own internal research, we’ve identified various items that are worth mentioning.

  • This brings us to a concept that helps us understand how data can be used to help all types of processes and operations for Facility - Digital feedback loops.

  • Based on the feedback we’ve received from customers, as well as the product truth supported by both our first-party technology and third-party offerings, we’ve aligned a narrative for our approach to Facility centered around 4 core Industry Priority Scenarios: Empower your workforce, Optimize digital operations, Deliver new services, and Reimagine facility.

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