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李漢州( Henry Li)

李漢州( Henry Li)






    • 洋威數控股份有限公司副總經理 (2013/3~2020/2)
    • 工研院機械所,擔任 Robot 控制器研發團隊 Leader 。(2008/3~2013/2)
    • 工研院系統中心,奇美五代廠黃光區自動化廠線計劃主持人。(2003/3~2008/2)
    • 工研院航太中心,派駐美國波音公司進行 B737 客機機改裝成貨機計劃 。(2000/3~2003/2)




Over the years with the advancement of semiconductor ndustry, AMC management has become one of the critical elements in the establishment of high-tech facility.
The coverage of AMC monitoring has been expanded from cleanroom environment to micro-enclosures (e.g. FOUP/Processing Equipment/Chemical Filters).
The integration of AI technology is expected to bring dvantages to facility operation -> AMC monitoring on AGV platform.
On top of that, the management of external contamination is as significant. The realization of onsite monitoring with real time data at facility fence - line and community area has come under the spotlight to address the importance of corporate ESG.

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